Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What are we in this for anyway?

Okay, Okay - If you've followed my blogging pursuits before you'll know that I've started and stopped several blogs along the way.  To be honest, I have no idea what the future will hold for this blog.  I will say, that if you do hang out and enjoy what I write, please comment and join my discussions.  I'm happy to keep writing as long as I know there is an audience!

This is more than a parenting blog, this is more than a food blog, more than an exercise blog - it might actually be a philosophy blog to be honest.  I think an awful lot about nutrition, movement, parenting, & ethics (mostly from an ecological perspective).  I tend to erupt much like a volcano whenever someone seems slightly interested in a topic I am currently researching.  I often wonder if I frighten a few away in the process, as I bombard them with so much information.  And my dear sweet partner Steve, has put up with more than enough of my thoughts on nutrition and exercise.  It might be better for all that I write this stuff down, and allow those interested to seek it out on their own.

I also have random thoughts on topics like the purpose of honey, or the motivation behind seeking a healthier lifestyle.   I've been thinking a lot about why we seek to eat better or to exercise more.  I will admit, these thoughts have also extended into why I parent the way I do or why I strive to leave a minimal footprint on this planet.  For me, its all about longevity.  I want to live a long long time, but I also want to be vital and strong as I age.  I want my children to learn and grow and perhaps even continue elements of my own life philosophy as they have children and their children have children, a bit of a legacy one might say.  I want the earth to be a healthy place for future generations to live as well.

This is why I try to eat real food.  This is why I chose exercise with low risk of injury or inflammation, but also in a way that is effective and fun! This is why I try to live in the moment with my children and model healthy eating and an active lifestyle.  My children may not always follow suit, and thats okay.  They are still seeing what I value and they will chose their own path, hopefully having been given all the tools to make good choices along the way.  This is why I recycle, walk as much as I can, and support organic grocers and local farmers.

I am not sure what form this blog will take.   Here are a few of my ideas:

1. I am thinking that often I may just post a snapshot of Primal Living.    If you are unfamiliar with the Primal Blueprint, check out Marks Daily Apple.  Much of my lifestyle is based upon the 10 Primal Blueprint Laws.
2. Rants
3. Recipes I like
4. The latest topic I am reading about
5. Links & internet reading I find interesting
6. Personal stories
7. Reader submitted content.
8. Interviews with or guest posts from health & nutrition experts

(I feel like I need to have 10 items in this list, this will be good for me to leave it at 8)

Does your exercise regime promote longevity?  What about your diet?  Or, is it an immediate solution to a short term situation like the need to lose weight or achieve a personal goal?  What about your lifestyle?

These are topics I will explore as I ask myself these same questions.

I am continually adjusting and changing and accepting as I grow older, wiser, fitter, stronger and healthier.  I do tend to be slightly dogmatic and though I am willing to listen, I do think that I am onto something that is "right".  So, I'm not going to be convinced to run a c25k (although, I did dream I ran a 5 k run with ease last night), nor am I going to be convinced to eat a vegan diet or lift weights that are not part of my physical body. If you do those things, don't click away.  I encourage you to read and participate.

I think overall this blog will interest the real foodies, the exercise enthusiasts, those who follow a Paleo/Primal lifestyle, those who parent using attachment parenting philosophy, those interested in yoga & body weight movement, and those who are interested in reducing their footprint on our planet.

I've posted this video on other blogs I've written and  in forums I frequent.  I post it a lot.  I think it contains some valuable information that is accessible from all perspectives on healthy living.


  1. I look forward to reading! I think we have a similar mindset on a lot of this stuff so I value your opinions and thoughts.

  2. k, first I suggest you fix your title. lol Glad to see you writing:) I always love to hear your opionions and thoughts.

  3. Lol Jenni! You know I went in to change it, and edited out the we... and kept the double "in". Anyhow, its all fixed. Glad to see you here as I definitely enjoy reading your blogs!!

    Jen - thanks for joining me here - it makes me feel really good to hear you say you value my opinions & thoughts!